Jenni Grey

Each of my bindings is a unique piece created specifically for the book; the text and design of the book being central to the concept of individual bindings. My aim is not to illustrate or interpret the text, but to follow a personal response to themes and ideas within the book. Developing bookbinding structures to enable me to use a variety of materials and processes is an ongoing concern in my work. I would like my bindings to be seen as objects in their own right, so the container, frequently a wooden box, is an integral part of the finished piece.

1981-1984 BA (Hons) Graphic Design, University of Brighton
1990-1991 MA Sequential Design, University of Brighton

Recent exhibitions
2005-2008 Flow Gallery London
2006 Touring Exhibition in Japan
2004 Bibliotheca Wittockiana, Brussels
2002 Hill House, Scotland
Leighton House, London
John Rylands Library, Manchester
2000-2001 Touring Exhibition of North America including venues such as the Folger Library, Washington

2004 Winchester Cathedral

Public collections
The British Library
The Library of congress, Washington USA





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