Jeanette Koch

Having learnt the art and craft of bookbinding in a rather haphazard fashion, and never having benefited from a full time training course, my work tends to be experimental. I love having a wealth of different leathers and papers at home to rummage through. The materials often suggest the design rather than the other way round. I also love using fish and frog skins. My main technique however is resist dyeing, starting from a representational image and gradually abstracting it by overlaying images and colours.

Born 1947

1996-1998 Private tuition with Romilly Saumarez Smith
1992-1995 Studied part-time at The City Literary Institute with Sally Lou Smith, Jenni Grey and Flora Ginn
1969 BA Hons Degree in French and Fine Art, Nottingham

1997 Designer Bookbinders Annual Competition, Silver medal

Recent exhibitions
2005-2008 Work shown annually at Flow Gallery, London

Public collections
2007 Alec Taylor Collection at The British Library, London




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