Glenn Bartley

A childhood exposure to traditional finely bound books was the catalyst for choosing bookbinding as a career but only much later, whilst training at college, was I made aware of the possibilities of using traditional bookbinding techniques in a more contemporary way. I feel it is important to relate to the typography, design and theme of the text which, combined with the book’s protective box, create a unified whole. Also, the challenge for me is to produce bindings that have a link with the past in their style and make up and which still arouse the simple visual/tactile pleasure-‘the warmth’-of handling a well bound book.’

1986-1991 Miscellaneous Bindery, Oxford UK
1979-1982 Dip. Fine Bookbinding, Guildford College of Technology, UK

2005 Society of Bookbinders Competition, First Prize
1996 Designer Bookbinders Competition, First Prize & Mansfield MedalRecent

2008 ‘Kyffin’, Designer Bookbinders UK touring exhibition
Flow Gallery, Notting Hill, London 
2007 Flow Gallery, Notting Hill, London
2006 ‘Beautiful British Books’, Japan

1991-2008 Oxford University, UK

Public cllections
John Rylands University, Manchester UK
Providence Athenaeum, Rhode Island USA




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