Dominic Riley

As well as design binding, my work involves restoration, traditional binding, and teaching. I enjoy Design Binding as a way of creating something new; it is also a challenge to create an object in response to those who have finished their work on the book: writer, typographer, printer, designer and illustrator. I have been making design bindings in earnest since 1998 and have now made about forty five. I love the natural beauty of leather and the play of light on gold. These are ancient skills which have new life in the world of contemporary binding and it’s good to be part of this modern tradition.

1988-1990 London College of Printing

Selected awards
2007 Designer Binders competition, First Prize, Set Book and Open Choice
2007 Designer Binders competition, Mansfield Silver Medal
2005 Designer Binders competition, Judges Award and Complete Book Prize

Selected recent Exhibitions
2008 ‘Kyffin Williams’, several UK venues
‘Miniature Bindings of Neale Albert’, Rylands Library,Manchester
‘Covered’, Flow Gallery

Public Collections
British Library
Rylands Library




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