Rupert Spira

'I think of my studio more as a laboratory than a workplace. It is a place or, more accurately, an event, a series of events, in which the elements of nature – space, mind, earth, water, line, fire, movement, form, time – are gathered, exploring and expressing that which holds them together as a cohesive whole.'

Born 1960 London

1978-80 BA Hons. Degree at West Surrey College of Art and
Design under Henry Hammond
1980-82 Trained with Michael Cardew at Wenford Bridge Pottery
1983 Final year at West Surrey College of Art and Design

2005 3rd World Ceramic Biennale 2005 Korea (CEBIKO)-Bronze Prize
2005 Faenza – International Competition of Contemporary
Ceramic Art–Silver plaque of the President of the Italian Republic

Recent Exhibitions
2007 COLLECT, Marianne Heller, V & A Museum, London
2006 Alpha House, Sherborne, Dorset
Showcase with the Crafts Council at the V & A
Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh
Marianne Heller, Heidleberg
2005 COLLECT, Individual stand, V & A Museum, London
Contemporary Applied Arts, London
Yufuku Gallery, Tokyo
Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin
2004 Ishikawa Ongakudo Koryu Hall, Kanazawa
ACROS Fukuoka Cultural Gallery, Fukuoka
Sendai Mediatheque, Sendai
Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, Norwich
Ruthin Craft Centre, ‘Hands Across the Border’
Clay, Los Angeles

2003–2004 ‘Rupert Spira Ceramics’ Exhibition Catalogue, Japan Touring Exhibition,
2004 ‘Rupert Spira Bowl’ Published by the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts,

Public Collections
V & A Museum, London
Setagaya Art Museum, Tokyo
Paramita Museum, Mie Prefecture, Japan
The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
21st Century Museum, Kanazawa
Crafts Council, London
International Museum of Ceramics, Faenza





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