Louise O'Neill

I am inspired by the natural and built environment through drawing, sketching and photography. I identify rhythms that I translate into the pace, rate and accent of my designs.
The majority of my work is in 18ct gold and incorporates a variety of interesting gemstones including tourmaline, aquamarine and spinels. I select stones that have a variety of cuts in particular buff top cut stones with their uppermost flat surfaces that reveal the intricate facets underneath.
By using a variety of coloured 18ct yellow, white, green and red gold alloys, I am able to construct folded and curved elements with a worked matt surface that complement the shapes and colours of the stones.
I am interested in light and how it is reflected from and refracted through the stones. I highlight edges of the metal elements to draw attention to a particular aspect of the piece.
I actively seek out individual and stunning gemstones, having them cut to meet my requirements where my design demands.

1976 – 1979 Brighton School of Art - B.A. (Hons)
1975 – 1976 Reigate School of Art - Foundation

Bursary to travel and work at Kristianstad School of Art, Sweden

2008 Focus, Harley Gallery
Desire, London
Cosmima Collective at Lemon Street Gallery, Truro
Design Collection, Roger Billcliffe, Glasgow
Coutts London Jewellery Week
Contemporary Crafts at Bovey Tracey
Art in Action, Waterperry
Goldsmiths’ Fair
Cosmima, London
2007 Goldsmiths’ 25th Silver Anniversary Fair
Collection at Roger Billcliffe, Glasgow
Five Rings, Hartley Gallery
Art in Action, Waterperry
2007  Contemporary Crafts at Bovey Tracey, Devon
Cosmima Collective at Roger Billcliffe, Glasgow
Sieraad - Amsterdam
2006 Cosmima, London
Face to Face, London
Goldsmiths’ Fair
Renaissance, Broughton Gallery, Scotland
Design Collection, Roger Billcliffe, Glasgow
Pp Goldsmiths’ Preview, Dean Street, London
Summer Madness, Electrum Gallery, London
2005 Goldsmiths’ Fair
Looking Over My Shoulder, Lesley Craze Gallery, London
Collection, Roger Billcliffe, Glasgow
Cosmima, London
2004 Goldsmiths’ Fair
Christmas Show, Electrum Gallery, London
Flux, Brighton
Summer Show, Alexander Gallery Brighton
‘Top Dressing 2004’ Model House Llantrisant
Wedding and Ring Show, Kath Libbert, Saltmill, Yorkshire
2003 Goldsmiths’ Fair
Christmas Show, Electrum Gallery, London
Contemporary Craftsman Gallery Monmouth
Lemon Street Gallery, Truro
‘Top Dressing 2003’ Model House, Llantrisant
Morez, France

2007 Earrings by Yvonne Kulagowski published
2006 Gemstones by Judith Crowe published
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Jewish Chronicle






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