Elspeth Owen

The pots, I think, emerge more from my memories of holding and of being held than from any study of art or nature. Tender, direct, resilient, with a thin skin: that is how my work touches you. To sustain this means remaining open to the emotions and sensations of an ordinary life. I keep slipping between categories - life, art, therapy, play, ritual - and find that Iím usually in more than one at a time, with something up my sleeve!
Elspeth Owen

Owenís work is environmental in the broadest sense, not just about nature, but to do with the passage of things made and left, the places of the creation - whether on a journey (in every sense) or in Ďimaginationís chamberí, the studio. Her forms conjure up a sense of reclamation, even rescue, and they make tangible the ephemeral aspects of the places and lives we inhabit, offering talismans of recognition. . . . . . . This work seems all the more valid just because it does occupy those darker, more potent, Ďimagined cornersí - and not the over-lit, over-crowded centre stage.
David Whiting Crafts No 192 January 2005

Born 1938 England

1957-1960 University of Oxford modern History
Self taught in ceramics

2006 Hart Gallery, London solo
2005 Naked clay Rufford Craft Centre
2004 Imagined Corners with Katrina Warren egg gallery
2003 Curtains performance Taxi Gallery Cambridge solo
Constructed Clay Galerie Besson london
The Cradle of Civilisation, installation CAA

Victoria and Albert Museum
Fitzwilliam Museum 
Aberystwyth University of Wales
Kunstmuseum Hamburg
Leeds City Art Gallery
Cleveland Studio Pottery Collection
Bolton City Art Gallery
Buckinghamshire Museum
Dean Clough Contemporary Art Halifax
Hawkes Bay Museum New Zealand
Deidesheim Ceramics Museum
Paisley Museum
Aberdeen Art Gallery
BA at Gatwick

2008 Maureen Mills Surface Design in Ceramics Lark Books U.S.A
2007 Jeffrey C. Jones Studio Pottery in Britain 1900-2005 Black
2004 Jane Perryman Naked Clay Black
2003 500 Bowls Lark Books U.S.A.
Edmund de Waal 20th Century Ceramics Thames & Hudson
2002 Salt Glazed Ceramics Handswerkskammer Koblenz





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