Susie Thomson

Living in London and working with willow creates a dichotomy: the material I use is essentially rural but after a childhood spent in north-east Scotland I have lived from early adulthood in one of the busiest cities in the world.  

The countryside is present as an inescapable background to my work.  London is, however, a vibrant body that cannot be ignored.  Nor would I wish to do so.

I imagine that the tension and dynamics of London shapes many of my attitudes and views. Analysing this, however, is not something that particularly interests me. What I am aware of is that I do not look to outside images for inspiration.  Instead it is from vaguely recalled memories and fleeting thoughts that I look to for shapes and ideas. Very often I want the eye to see the object and imagine what it feels like, more so even than what it looks like.

The one great decision maker in the work is the material itself. Willow imposes restrictions by its particular nature. Using these natural restrictions and looking to go beyond them allows for new shapes to emerge. By creating catalysts the willow reacts and changes course.




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