Lizzie Farey

I take my influences from the Galloway countryside where I live and work.  I am surrounded by hills, lochs, larch trees and heather, the essence of which I try to recapture in my work.  My studio is a converted tool shed on a farm.  I grow my willow in nearby farmerís fields and collect ash and other materials from the hedgerows.  My working life is governed by the cycles of nature. 

Winter is for planting and harvesting the willow.  Spring is for sorting the rods to dry out in the barn. Summer and Autumn I work to order, soaking the dried out willow rods in a large cattle trough.

The pieces of work that I create, as well as being inspired by nature, can also be expressions of my inner state.  This is more often than not a release and can be surprisingly fulfilling.  I donít think I would gain the same satisfaction using non- natural materials.




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