Caroline Sharp

The woven forms are based on studies of seeds and seedpods and capsules.  Form is the most important part of my work: form reflecting natural forms/elements in nature.

Materials used in the pieces submitted are mainly gathered birch, white poplar and red dogwood with some willow. The weave is a random weave I have developed which emphasises form and movement within the piece. Tips of rods left to give texture. Leaves left on to give contrast in both texture and colour.

A recent commission with the Creative Footsteps Project along the Wessex Ridgeway has led to the development of some new work influenced by the “chalk and cheese” landscapes of North Dorset. Drawing on the idea of geological layers; hidden layers under the earth and their subsequent revealing I have worked with covering woven forms with various materials such as cob, chalk and papier mache. The outer layers have then gradually eroded away or have been scraped or burnt away to reveal the weaving beneath.




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