Marijke Schurink

Mirror Necklace

The body is the best place for jewellery. It is a top location where all jewellery classical as well as contemporary or fashionable, a pearl necklace or a tongue piercing comes alive. Jewellery can be kept in boxes, cabinets, showcases or museums, but the best dialogue between the jewellery and the viewer starts when the ornament is worn when worn it may have a great impact as an expression of the personality of the wearer, or as an artistic statement by the maker.
Normally jewellery refers to the body, through its size, materials and form. The Mirror Necklace changes perspective. This necklace places man in his surroundings. Through a poetic image of changing colours that gradually transform into branches, leaves, the sky, the filtered light, and supported by the gentle chirping of birds, our attention is focused on the restfulness of nature. The image starts somewhat vaguely and nervously. As the camera zooms out movements become steadier and the image clearer. When the camera keeps still, the full beauty of this necklace unfolds, immediately triggering our mind and imagination. The branches and leaves seem to breathe, in harmony with the human body. Nature becomes ornament; jewellery carries the reflection of our surroundings.
The value of this necklace is ephemeral; its functionality is nil, but its memory will last forever.  

Liesbeth den Besten

Marijke Schurink (b.1962 The Netherlands) is a jewellery artist and lives in Amersfoort.

Marijke Schurink, Mirror Necklace, 2005, DVD loop (2.20 min).




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