Marek Cecula

In Dust Real

In dust real is a project in which European industrially-manufactured porcelain domestic wares – cups and saucers, tureens teapots – are subjected to the fierce vagaries of an Oriental wood-fired kiln known as an anagama. They are pushed to their limits and sometimes beyond their limits to the point of collapse. The objects that come out of this wonderful collision of technologies, culture and ideas are first and foremost startlingly beautiful. But it is also startling in that the settledness of good bourgeois china (the ‘heritage of aesthetic conformity’ to use Marek Cecula’s words) becomes profoundly unsettled. As both parts of this collision, porcelain and wood-fire, exist within complex cultural matrices this collision is interestingly difficult to map. The drama of this collision is partly the dialectic of the industrial and the random, the Oriental and the Occidental. But it also reflects the artists’ own sense of place: Cecula is a nomadic figure who works across discrete ceramic traditions as well as, inter alia, Poland, Israel, Norway and America.

Edmund de Waal

Marek Cecula (b. 1944 Poland) is a ceramic artist and lives mainly in New York




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