Hans Stofer


In any exhibition of Hans Stofer’s objects we find the curious juxtaposition of the accidental and the particular, the bringing together of the extreme skill of an engineer with the lyrical adoption of odd, overlooked and kitsch objects.  This can be seen in the way Stofer uses broken objects. In Jane’scupverybadlygluedtogether a broken Rosentahl cup is, as the title implies, reassembled with a chaotic energy. In Mariaorange, by contrast, the porcelain cup has been beautifully mounted in steel, the shards reconnected with ballchain. The single lonely fragment left over has also been given its own place. Like an object or bloodstain at the scene of a crime it is isolated, given its cordon sanitaire of red steel. This broken cup seems to be simultaneously a comic commentary on installation (you can move it around as you will) and a melancholic take on the resilience of objects in a dangerous world.

Edmund de Waal

Hans Stofer (b. 1957 Switzerland) is a jewellery artist and lives in London.




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