Franz Josef Altenburg

In his long-standing art practice Franz Josef Altenburg has succeeded, as have few other artists of his generation, in re-determining a quality discussion on the field of sculpture and the applied arts in a superior fashion. In his own material language of ceramics his objects are formed in the widest variety of dimensions and for the widest variety of areas of application. His language of forms is a vocabulary oriented to modern understanding of basic geometric structures, yet it connects this repertoire of forms in a special way by questioning the archetypical. The artist’s designs always reach a deeper inner core, which points to a long tradition of the history of forms.
Two works supplementing each other from the series Frames were selected for the exhibition “Places”, which in distinct dimensionlessness discuss individually apparent and yet – in terms of a fundamental discourse – experiencable location designations. The artist’s places are specific yet at the same time open, they report on contexts without romanticising and they impart something of the millennia-old sovereignty of man in relation to his environmental nature – in order to create absolutely special places there.

Peter Assmann

Franz Josef Altenburg (b. 1941 Bad Ischl, Austria) is a sculptor and lives in Upper Austria.




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