Camilla Prasch

Camilla Prasch


The jewellery series, REGISTRIERT, comprises a detailed registration of Camilla Praschís personal, physical surroundings: The ring of her apartment, the bracelet of her furniture and the necklace of her possessions. Each individual object is carefully noted on small paper pricetags stating the objectís name one the one side, and the measurements on the other. In this way she has converted her physical surroundings into a form where they are suitable for a life-form in constant transit. When you wear the jewellery, the identity can be worn outside on the body and comprises a type of reference point in the changeable surroundings.
    The project reflects Camilla Praschís personal story. She was born in Berlin but lives and works in Denmark and this double national affiliation has resulted in a mental and physical transit. Before the fall of the Wall, the journey into Berlin occurred through the so-called Transitstrecke in DDR, under heavy guard. This feeling of eeriness and no sense of belonging is the basis for REGISTRIET, and is counterbalanced by, for example, the bracelet which covers the entire hand with registrations of Prasch's home. Thereby it has a protective, comfort-creating effect. At the same time, Prasch is a trained space designer and therefore works with converting the idea and meaning of the space in her jewellery. By making the meaning of the space, the place and the things in ready-mades a theme, she simultaneously moves over into a particularly precise contemporary characteristic. Terms such as "mobility", "nomadic" and "not belonging" have become central focal points in the way we live and the conditions we are subject to.

Louise Mazanti

Camilla Prasch (b.1967 Germany) is a jewellery and interior designer and lives in Copenhagen.

Camilla Prasch, jewellery series  REGISTRIET, ring Wohnung, 2002, nylon thread, paper pricetags and press studs, appr. 1 x 4 cm.




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