Aldo Bakker

The size of this object is inviting; it fits easily in the hand and it is meant to be used. The soft curve of the form and its silky soft surface invite us to touch it and hold it in our hands. The context of this jug is the house, or more precisely the tabletop. The tabletop is the ‘natural habitat’ of this jug – on the table its serene silver preciousness and its functionality fall into place.
    The design is defined by the use and perception of the object. The function of this jug is to contain and pour olive oil. The visual effect of the greenish oil in the silver jug is enchanting. The curve has an important function by protecting dust from falling into the oil. The handling of the jug is elegant because of the lightness of the silver (the thickness of the side is only 0.5 mm) and the size of the form. It pours easily.
    For ages, precious silverware like this was made by the craftsman silversmith. Aldo Bakker however is a designer, and although his jug has the quality of a proper piece of craftsmanship, it is industrially manufactured from computer design and rapid prototyping through to the actual product - it is the only way to make a form like this. Only industrial designers with an intelligent sense of the place where a product like this belongs (on the table, between people), are able to create functionality, beauty and humanity in one.

Liesbeth den Besten

Aldo Bakker (b. 1971 The Netherlands) is a product designer and lives in Amsterdam.




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