Martin Grierson


I have always set out to make ‘Proper’ furniture but with something more added.   Most of my work, so far, has been made to commission and I have allowed the proposed surroundings and the character of the ‘Client’ suggest the type of designs that would be most suitable.    The majority of commissions have been large scale corporate and public projects.

Now, in my early 70’s, I am winding down and aim to make only a few private commissions and explore, through speculative pieces, interesting ideas that commissions have not provided the opportunity to make.

Born 1932

1953 Central School of Arts & Crafts, London
Distinction in Furniture and Interior Design

2000 Awarded the Golden Jubilee Award of The Worshipful
Company of Furniture Makers for designs of public
seating for The Wallace Collection.

Exhibited at The Royal College of Art, Prescote Gallery, Warwick Arts Trust, the Edinburgh Festival as well as the Liverpool Bluecoat Gallery. 
Pieces were exhibited at British Crafts Centre Royal Jubilee exhibition, Furniture in Context, and the Crafts Council’s ‘Makers Eye’. 
Work has been shown at Sotherby’s Phillip’s and Bonham’s; Celebration of Craftsmanship at Cheltenham and at The Mall Gallery.
Celebration of Excellence, Norman Adams ‘Antiques of the future’.  Regularly invited to demonstrate at ‘Art in Action’





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