Elly Wall


I work with the pot form primarily. I enjoy its traditional functionality but alongside this, I am interested in its function as an aesthetic object in its own right. Silence, volume, and emptiness are themes which I am particularly interested in exploring. This stems from an early fascination with abandoned architectural spaces, and my work is primarily concerned with capturing this emotive response through the use of enclosed space and form.
The pieces are made with slabbed sheets of clay, and are made in one quick movement, so as to maintain freshness and spontaneity. Through gestural mark making, I exploit the material qualities of the clay surface while maintaining a simple, considered form. Edges and joins are a central consideration, and when jagged or ripped become suggestive of fragility and desolation. I tend to treat the surface as I would a drawing, creating a subtle yet bold use of colour and texture.

Born         1976, Salisbury

2002-2004    Royal College of Art
1997-2000    Bath Spa University College

2004 Craft Potters Association Annual Grant Scheme
2003 South Square Trust Bursary
1999 Gane Travel Bursay

Recent exhibitions
2007 Contemporary Applied Arts, London
2006 Crafts Council Shop, London
2006 ‘Origin” The London Craft Fair, Somerset House
2005 The Yard Gallery, The Netherlands
2005 Ceramic Art London, RCA
2005 ‘Under Construction’ Gallerytop, Derbyshire
2005 Talente 2005, Munich, Germany
2004/5 Westerwald Prize Exhibition, Germany
2004 'Surfacing' The Tunnel, Tonbridge, Kent
2002 Ceramic Contemporaries 4 (touring exhibition)

April 2006 Ceramics technician, Hackney Community College
April 2006  Art assistant , Camden Arts Centre
Feb 2006  University of Hertfordshire, Visiting tutor
June 2005  Childrens arts events with Arts Desire





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