Jo Green


Organic forms are still a primary influence and although colour has been extremely important in much of the work, of late it has been taking a less dominant role.  Enjoyment of shape and texture still prevail but an interest in the relationship between the piece and the stand it is displayed upon has evolved. Sculpted fruit forms sit on top of blocks with bowl shapes scooped out, the bowl becomes the stand and the stand becomes the bowl.  Functionality has become a secondary to the sculptural element.  Wood is bleached white to reflect the light and enhance the faceted finishes of the fruit producing quieter, stiller pieces. 

Born 1965, Swanage, Dorset

Education BA (Hons) Three Dimensional Design,
 WMCP Brighton Polytechnic

1992 Southern Arts Grant
1993 Crafts Council Setting Up Grant
1995   Southern Arts Research Grant

Selected  exhibitions
1998 Medici Gallery , 3 person show
1999 Carved & Painted Wood, Oxford Gallery
1999 Galerie Claude Andre, Brussels
2003 Showcase, Contemporary Applied Arts
2006 Studio Space, Contemporary Applied Arts





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