Dan Kelly


Dan Kelly’s trademarks are a freedom of throwing that enhances the rhythms of form. The accentuated rims and bases are often torn, the flecks and shavings of clay left and fired hard. In Kelly’s work you have, literally, to take the rough with the smooth, qualities inherited from his tutor Colin Pearson. There are indentations, creases, slashing and openings, all adding to the bodily implications of the vessel that so fascinate him. Just as he enjoys the seductiveness of clay, “this wet, soggy mass”, the shapes too can be highly sensual.

Date of birth    17th October 1953

1977 - 1979 Royal College of Art    M.A. RCA Ceramics
1974 - 1977 Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts    B.A. Hons Ceramics
1973 - 1974 Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts    Foundation Course

2007 Collect V&A
CAL   2007
Contemporary  Ceramics - Monochrome
Galerie Besson  - The Jug Show 
Galerie Besson  - Classic and Contemporary Ceramics 
Elms Lesters  - collaboration with  Adam Neate
Cheongju International Craft Biennale   Korea(October)
Oakwood Gallery    Totally Teabowls(October)
2006  Ceramic Art 2006
Harlequin Gallery – solo show
Spiral Gallery – Settle
2005 CAA  - Focus
2005 Galerie Besson - Camberwell in the 1970s
Maltby Gallery - with Peter Joyce paintings
Harlequin Gallery - tea bowls and yunomis
2004 New Ashgate Gallery - mixed                                                                 Bloomers - Mixed show at CPA
Collect - Art Fair at V & A
2003 Spring Art Fair - Olympia        Art 2003 - Business Design Centre, Islington
2002 Austin Desmond - solo ceramic show      
Austin Desmond - mixed show
2001 Maureen Michaelson - mixed garden show
Elms Lesters - Brussels Art Fair
Alpha House - mixed show

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