Catherine Hills


Inspired by natural forms, the work combines sensuous liquid shapes with smooth, crisp highly textured surfaces.  It is organic, whilst incorporating a high tech, science fiction feeling, where movement often plays its part.  Oxidized silver is used in juxtaposition with yellow gold and coloured glass, or stone, to produce a striking colour contrast.  The dark recesses, inside the hollow forms, create their own mysterious miniature world.
The one off pieces have a dialogue with the production work resulting in a dynamic and complementing relationship.

Born 1968

1987-91 BA Hons Jewellery, Middlesex University
1991-93 MA Goldsmithing, Silversmithing, Metalwork and Jewellery, RCA

1994 Crafts Council Setting Up Grant
1998 British Jewellery Association Award

Recent exhibitions
1992 Triennale de Bijou, Musee des Art Decoratifs, Paris
1995 Modern British Jewellery, Landes Museum, Mainz
1996 Schmuckszene 96, Munich
1997 Flessibellissimo, Galerie Marzee, Holland
1997 Solo Showcase, Crafts Council, V&A
1998 Fifty Pieces of Gold, CAA
1998 Harten en Relatieringen, Galerie Brits and Cermeliet, Belgium
1999 Nature Formed/Transformed, Freehand Gallery, Los Angeles
2000 Wendy Ramshaw Millenium Exhibition, CAA





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