Sara Moorhouse

Application of colour to alter space and shape

The work looks at how spaces within landscape are altered depending on the ever-changing colours of season, weather, time and farming - this began during a Masters degree and is currently being developed through a PhD.  The bowls act as a canvas for paintings that distil aspects of landscape, altering the size, depth and shape of the form by their colour.  Bowls can be made to seem wider or narrower, deeper or shallower or they may appear to undulate, move or hover by the juxtaposition of finer lines.

The latest pieces refer to farming and focus on the undulations created by lines of contrasting tones and hues. The relationship between the inside and outside also becomes apparent in this series by the unifying colour links from one side to another.The pieces are all hand thrown and turned - the movement of the wheel is reflected in the form and the painted lines. The lines are applied by hand onto a bisque fired bowl when it is returned to the spinning wheel.




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