Hidemi Asano

Resolved re-creation of organic structures through persistent experimentation

Inspiration comes from nature.  Based on drawings and research, sculptural forms are created by casting precious and non-precious materials.  Traditional European jewellery making techniques are also used.

When casting metal, the intention is to express the continuity of organic growth.  First the mould is sculpted for the form and then the piece is cast in silver, gold or platinum.

To cast the resin ‘pebbles’ wood or resin pieces are carved to make the moulds, and the process mirrors the natural formation of pebbles that have been washed with water over time.  The unique formula for the liquid resin was discovered through experimentation, and specially developed colourings are applied to the surface, alone or in combination.

A system has also been developed to ensure fixings remain invisible – a high level of finish and durability is important for the work, and the technical aspects are continuously perfected.




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