Elly Wall

Intuitive and quick working technique

This is an intuitive and spontaneous approach to making.  Through experimentation, the chosen technique is slab building, as this is found to be the most expressive.  This allows for the surface to be cut and the work to be formed quickly, which maintains a fresh, clean and unfussy structure.  Using this technique enables a manipulation of the material to enhance the qualities that are most love about the clay the way it responds to cutting and ripping, and the beautiful edges and textures that can be created.

No colour is added before bisque so that the process can be started from a clean pot.  Colour and composition is considered in the same way as a drawing not planned beforehand.  Slip is used for its dryness, and details in the form are highlighted with bright drips of glaze.  The intention is to create a subtle tactility and softness on the surface to complement the bold form.




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