Chien-Wei Chang

Simple techniques to accentuate the maximum capability of the material

Metal as a choice of material has been inspired by a love for the processes that are required to work with it from treating it with fire, to using hammers to create the form, to bathing it in water to clean it.  Furthermore, when putting silver into liquid acid to purify and whiten it, this feels like a personal ritual.

The shape of the piece is decided, only after the concept and idea have been fully developed.  Sometimes this starts with a paper model, but sometimes a drawing is made directly on the metal, and then it is cut and shaped with a hammer.  Once the shape is finished, other materials are collected, such as unusually shaped pieces of wood, with raw surfaces or rough textures.  The two materials are combined using different methods sticking, cutting, penetrating or piercing into the metal or silver shape.

Simple and basic silversmithing skills such as forming, hammering and soldering are always used.  The warmth of the metal is increased by using a matt finish and silver whitening.  




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