Alpa Mistry

Instinctive blending of colours and textures

Work is defined by an imaginative, distinctive use of colour, balance, and proportion of line.  The rich colours are derived from an Indian background, and inspiration comes from the different textures and layers found in nature and rural landscapes.

Each piece is individually designed and hand-woven on a 24 shaft George Wood dobby loom.  The colours are translated into hand-dyed silks and then woven to create textile pieces with contrasts of sheer and solid fields of colour.

The work is also characterized by use of contrasting textures, often mixing diaphanous silks with different weighted wools, linens, mohair and cashmere.  Spontaneity at the weaving loom is made possible by a natural instinct for teaming unusual colours.  The colour schemes are seldom pre-planned, but Ďpaintedí as the designs progress, resulting in no two pieces ever being the same.





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