Rushton Aust

The contrasts and interactions between different, clashing elements in textures, colours, spaces, people are central to the work of textile designer RUSHTON AUST. This is a prime source of his interest in edges, in the energies, frictions and special creative dynamics generated at points of contact. In his large painted and printed pieces the edges are often the most prominent part, finished or raw, tightly sewn or painted. Rich, contrasting colour is another characteristic, in abstract images drawn from a wide range of references drawings, photos, collages, mobile video images. In the last few years he has worked a great deal on large-scale architectural commissions, often in schools, hospitals and libraries, creating giant free-hanging, site-specific textile structures in which the relationship between fabric and setting is very vividly an element in the piece itself, and often developing designs and imagery in collaboration with the users of each building. The pieces on show in this exhibition represent something of a return to smaller-scale, wall-hung work.

Nick Rider, 1999




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