Lucy Casson

Glimpses of everyday life, childhood memories, snatches of overhead stories, dreams and imaginings all enter into figures and scenarios created from wire, tin, wood, cloth and other materials by LUCY CASSON. Human figures often appear under ‘disguises’ as strange animals, while bird- and dog-like creatures seem very human in their posture and battered clothes; they can appear quite toy-like, and at the same time a sharp, complex range of moods, emotions and suggestions is evident. Trained in textile design, Casson is best known for her figures in recycled tin, using the everyday colours of the material to create fabric-like patterns. More recently she has also been working with felt, opening up entirely new volumes, shapes and textures. She has also moved from pieces with just one or two figures to intricate multi-figure scenes, often showing her creatures fetching, carrying and labouring, the tasks that always have to be done.

Nick Rider, 1999




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